Banners surely are at the top of the visual marketing hierarchy when it comes to high-impact, in-your-face brand exposure — you just can’t go wrong with them.
They are as old as advertising and marketing itself and have been around for as long as anyone can remember.

Of course, in online marketing you can distribute your brand and products almost on the entire World Wide Web. But in the real world you have options that are limited by things like exposition, location and target audiences.
For example, your online banner virtually has no limit to how many people it can be shown to — the limits are equal to those of Internet itself.
Processing: Standard, 4 Eyelets, 6 Eyelets, 8 Eyelets
Size: 50x100cm, 50x150cm, 150x150cm, 150x200cm, 100x300cm, Custom size, 100x200cm
Paper/Material: PVC – Banner
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