Pull-Up Banners

Quick, easy and high impact

Banners… an advertising tool as old as advertising itself. Although in today’s world old advertising channels like posters, banners and billboards have taken a step back to online digital marketing, they still have a place in modern advertising.

Different kinds of banners offer different advantages and target different groups of people. Pull-up banners are one of the quite effective tools for advertising your brand but they are most efficient in the right place and the right time.

There is no use in putting them in a store or in front of your office because there are more efficient ways of advertising for these kinds of purposes.

These types of banners give you the opportunity to get levels up on your competitors, creatively designed banners coupled with powerful messaging is exactly how your banner will stand out from the rest.

The use of bright colours, clean simplistic artwork will capture your audience and draw them to your brand — a tried and tested marketing tool.

Main features

Size: 85x200cm
Paper/Material: PVC – Roll Up
Stand: Exclusive
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